Fashion & E-Commerce Copywriting

What can Writmark do for you?

Product Descriptions

Shine a light on the unique benefits of your product to intrigue customers and keep them primed to buy.

Features & Advertorials

Make an impression on the casual reader with engaging feature articles. Sprinkle in some compelling advertisement for maximum effect.

Websites & Blogs

Blog posts that attract visitors and establish credibility, landing pages that turn visitors into potential buyers, and all the crucial little steps in-between.

Email Marketing

Give back to your audience with well-crafted promotional letters and emails that keep them up to date with your latest deals and merchandise.

Sales Funnels

Take the pressure off your audience and nudge them gently towards the close with a sales funnel that provides genuine value to your readers.

Press Releases

Grab the media’s attention and spread the word about your latest events and products while establishing trust with new prospects.

Case Studies

Showcase the statistical proof of your companies successes in a not-so-boring format that will convert the most skeptical of readers.  

Social Media

Creative captions and powerful posts that keep your followers loyal and bring traffic to your website.

How much will all this cost..?

All services listed above can be purchased à la carte or tailored into a custom project of your liking.

Check out the project templates below to get an idea of pricing, or simply pick one as it is and we’ll find the right fit for your business.


Who's behind the scenes?


My name’s Devin Rich. I’m the voice behind Writmark.

I was born and raised in Ut-

Get to the point?

My priority is balancing a quick turnaround with effective copy.

I’m willing to work with any sized project and offer free WordPress formatting on all projects above $500.

I believe in full transparency and cooperation, so we can fine-tune any project to exactly how you’d like it.

Let’s get started?


My name is Devin Rich. I’m the voice behind Writmark.

I was born and raised in Ut-